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The Great Commission is the instruction of the resurrected Jesus Christ to his disciples to spread his teachings to all the nations of the world and that’s why at WCU we believe in Equipping the Saints for the work of the Ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Students Reviews

“ Thank you so much World Christian University for facilitating such a positive learning environment. I really enjoyed the time of my study, and that is why I'm still excited to continue with my education in this University as it has solidified my decision to pursue my Doctorate Degree as well. It is my appreciation that I have learned how the WCU management as well as Professor Zulu's passionate, commitment and teaching style that took us through thick and thin of our study to see the light of success. Thank you for making Big group feel Small class to capture all. This shows the potential and competence to what the University is all about. May the wisdom of God and well health go long. Shalom!!! ”


Lesotho 🇱🇸

"Greatings, To me the university had brought a great change in my lifestyle. The education was of great importance and the knowledge I got from the university will remain forever in my life as I shall continue to learn within the institution. I have found value in the university which makes me not to hesitate to refer someone to the school to further their education. I recommend that more branches be opened more especially in Botswana."

Robert Mabutho

Greetings Everyone, WCU has impacted my knowledge of the word of God. It gave me specific, specialised and practical experience of the Bible. It also impacted on my work place as I have been elevated to higher positions due to my additional academic qualifications. WCU has totally changed my life in a positive way. I thank the management of WCU for the vision that changed my life for good. I call upon everyone to consider studying with WCU as its good for advancement in life and ministry. Thanks for the vision that changed my life.

Dr. Modise lodick Batlhophi

Greetings, My experience with WCU, it helped me to understand and start preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with more understanding,inspirations,Revelations and power. I learnt that follow up team plays a vital role in the growth of the church, because people realize the love of Christ inside of us(when showing the importance dwelling in Christ). I also learnt that leadership is not to use power over people but to empower the saints for the work of the body of Christ. I would like to therefore suggest that since that we are study via online it makes the studying easier as you can continue with your day to day work while you are studying..


After graduation from WCU I realized that what I thought was a problem in my ministerial call was nothing but a new beginning of my new journey. WCU trains us to be better leaders for today and tomorrow. We are the problem solvers, innovative ministers and man and woman to be trusted to change the world from werse to better. If you want change in your life join WUC. God shall make a way for you. The school is accredited to provide international educational standard , the doors are opened every where for you to fulfill your dreams. God bless you🙏

M.S Molapo

Lesotho 🇱🇸

I want to pass joy and excitement for what WCU did to me, really my life has changed, WCU you are a star, I am one of people who they that can testify about what the University did to their lives. I learned that the fullness of purpose of life is to have understanding and knowledge, just like the Bible says, my people perish because of lack of knowledge. During my doctorate process I was more interested on Leadership in the Kingdom, I have learned a lot about how to lead people to a common goal, it wasn't only regarding leadership, from My Bachelors Degree and Master degree, Glory be God, I managed God has been so faithful and good to me. My people out there, you too can make it, to become a Dr. WCU is just a flexible University with various benefits courses or programs of your own choice and affordable tuition fees. "In my Conclusion knowledge is power"


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World Christian University support to students in work experience placements including internships.

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Dr. Lloyd Zulu, President/Founder

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We are living in a dangerous time in human history and we must not allow ourselves to become complacent concerning the things of God. He is speaking to each of us through the Holy Spirit and is encouraging every believer to equip himself as a “workman who need not be ashamed” in order to help usher in the end-time harvest of souls.

Our goal here at World Christian University, is to “prepare and equip the people of God for the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.” This goal can only be accomplished through the balanced teaching of the Word of God.

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